6 Health Benefits of Using Maca Extract

October 22, 2019


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Maca is a root in the radish family and popular as a food ingredient and a supplement. It is most commonly grown in regions of Peru and able to provide plenty of health benefits. Here are six of the best reasons to introduce the Maca extract to the health regimen:

Improve Energy

Maca can give a reliable boost to the energy levels within a short period of first taking. It is reported to provide a natural aid to increase stamina which is useful for athletes wishing to reach peak performance. A small amount is all that is needed for those that are feeling tired and need a boost of energy.

General well-being

Maca is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, which benefits the all-round health in several different ways. It is iron-rich which is useful for restoring red blood cells to help with cardiovascular disease and anemia. It can promote strong teeth and bones to avoid issues with osteoporosis. The ability to heal from wounds is that much more efficient. Plus, taking this supplement in combination with a regular workout can help to improve muscle strength and mass.


This natural ingredient is great for a variety of skin complaints such as blemishes and acne. Other benefits include the ability to decrease the skin’s sensitivity and in cold or hot weather it helps the skin cope with the extreme temperatures.


Maca is said to be effective at treating mild cases of mood swings, depression, stress, or anxiety. Although this remedy isn’t able to provide 100% positive results to users, it can help to improve mental focus and energy for many.

Sexual function

This supplement is great for increasing sexual function for both sexes because it helps to increase endurance and boosts the libido. Plus, it can also help increase fertility and balance the body’s hormones.

Women’s health

Maca is reported to be effective for women’s health in relation to the menopause and menstrual issues. It is helpful for depression, mood swings, anxiety, hot flashes, body pain, and cramp.

What are the side effects of Maca?

The reported side effects of Maca are virtually non-existent, but similar to most supplements it must be taken in accordance with the stated dosage. A typical dosage is in the region of ½-1 teaspoon per day. Plus, it benefits to rotate the usage and take several days off a week. Also, certain people should avoid using Maca including those that are lactating or pregnant.